Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Looks like cloudy skies again......

What I mean is this,  I have worked hard to get the post for the Challenge up and ready to go for 7 AM, Today, Wednesday...   However, after all that was written and I thought "saved".... Blogger had a problem "saving" all my work... and guess what folks...  another delay...   not of my choosing...  

I've not ever run into a problem quite like this before... and its more than frustrating for sure!!  

Since its getting so late, I will be back on here... later today, to try and get this all up and going.   I do apologize.   Maybe the uploading of the photos decided to fail I have no idea.... but whatever it was it better straighten itself out soon ... or I may throw a fit. 

I just had a thought, mann, it could be my browser acting up...

Well, I hope to get this up and running very soon...  let's not give up the ship, not yet.  

Mary - Admin

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  1. We feel for you there seem to be a few issues with Blogger at the moment, it was not broken but some bright spark thought it should be so they could fix it. Here's hoping said bright spark gets it's finger out and working on it pronto. x


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