Saturday, February 2, 2019

Is it Spring yet...??

Hello everyone!   It's Groundhog day here in the U.S.  and according to our lovely day here in Indiana, he saw his shadow.  We know that Spring officially begins on March 21st ...have a little ways to go yet.   To celebrate the upcoming Springtime season I wanted to introduce to you my newest image:  "Awesome Blossoms".. let me know what you think of these pretty flowers in the comments below.  ;)
And follow this LINK to check them out at my Zibbet Shop.

I did the first one without a background color.
Colored the image up with my new Ohuhu Art Markers!
Actually, these kind of resemble Peonies to me... but yet they look like Roses. ;)
I created the image and colored it all in late last night, I wont say how long I stayed up... let's face it, it was fun to use these markers, and I'm still learning.   Just received the markers yesterday in the mail.  

In just a few more days, we'll begin another Challenge..and as always we hope to see you all join in!   Our Theme will be "Flowers"... hey,..this image would look very nice done up in a card.  
These have not been done up in a card yet, I was just getting the feel for the use of these markers... this was done on regular card stock, not too thin or thick.  Not much bleed through either.  

Until next time, have a happy crafting day! 

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