Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Regretfully I must close.....

 Hello,  It's with much regret that I must close my Createful Heart Design etsy shop, effective January 2022.   I have received some news about new regulations that will go into effect on this date.   Tax requirements that will be imposed upon me.    Actually, I will have to close my shop before this date, cause if I don't my shop will be suspended.   

We will no longer have any kind of card challenges.   I would like to thank all of you that have entered our challenges on a regular basis.   And have kept Createful Heart Design as a favorite.    And I appreciate all that have made purchases from my shop.   

   I have for the most part enjoyed every minute of creating new images over the years, since this business started in 2017.    This step isn't an easy one to do, as I thought Etsy was going to be my home for many years to come.   My heart is sad.    And there have been many commitments made, as I have been a sponsor over a the years as well.    

Even though my shop will close I have decided to keep my blog up, and I have decided to keep blogging about my images, and what inspired me to do these images.   I want to do this as memory of the years that I have been in business.      And if you would still like to follow me as I transition into just a regular blog again,  I would really appreciate it.     

 The news about these new regulations was just announced in an email to me, just yesterday.   And so I am telling you all as quickly as I have heard about it.     

To say that I'm not upset would be a lie.   So, as I write this post, my heart is very sad.   

You might be asking, will you consider getting back into business at some point in the future?    Well, that may be a possibility.   But as for now, I must move on.   


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