Createful Beginnings....

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to some images that I created back in 2002.  These were created using programs like: Paint Shop Pro and Paint Brush.   Back then, I was more interested in creating images to use in my blogs and web pages.  :)  The two kitties with vase of flowers was my first attempts of drawing using the mouse.  All of these were done using the mouse.  I hadn't heard of using an iPad or other device.   And I seriously doubt that there were iPad's in the early 2000's anyway.   I just drew with what I had to use.   My favorite ones have got to be the Hummingbird and Eastern Bluebird.  The "Welcome" was made to use for a banner on one of my web pages that I had several years ago... I don't even recall what the blog was about.   Actually, I did use the Cardinals and Hummingbird as images for cards.  Had I just thought about it, I could have just outlined them and would have still gotten use of them today.   * Please do not use these on your web pages or try to keep in your computer.*  If you think about it...I spent many hours creating each one I would any of the images I create to this day.    And if you were to ask me, my favorite kind of images to make have to be birds.  I use to subscribe to Birds n Blooms magazine, and still have a few copies.  But that is where the ideas for many of these came from.   Other than magazines, I truly love to take pictures of birds at my feeders and of any kind of wildlife that comes to visit our back yard.  In the summer time, I try to plant as many flowers as I possibly can to attract butterflies and leaf hoppers,  even the little tiny spiders that try to hide under petals of the flowers.  Nature in its beautiful form just speaks volumes to me.  I am happy that you've come by to visit my Beginnings page...if you would like to leave a comment then you may.   Thank you.   Mary ♥

Card made for my parents in 1988.  
I may have used a black ink pen to draw in the lines. :)

This poor little bird was never finished.  You can see the process of creating the image.

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Jeanie Ellis said...

What beautiful images! Thanks for sharing them with us!

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