Monday, April 19, 2021

Update on hubby

Hello,  I would like to give you all an update on my husband's finger.   The specialist couldn't really do much for his hand in general.  Mainly he commented on how well the finger looked, despite the fact that the tip of the finger was missing.   And well...  I won't go into more detail than that.   The doctor did offer some surgical things he could do, however,  my husband decided that he wanted it to heal on its own.    The doctor suggested to us that he soak his finger in Dreft detergent, as this will help "heal" the wound.    This detergent does make a difference in the wound, and I must say, I like to use it in just my normal wash loads too!     Of course any time that something terrible like this happens, it just made us both worry so much.    After a couple of days he was feeling more like himself,  but it took me longer to get over everything.   

In the coming days, I will be getting this month's challenge up and running again.   Now that I am feeling more like myself.   I do so appreciate your concern and well wishes I will pass the kindness to my hubby... it always makes us feel better to know you all care.  :) 

      Hubby suggested that since he had some time off, that we should go shopping,  a bit of "retail therapy" he called it...  how could I possibly turn that down.    Since our mall shut down many years ago, our town has basically filled in those once empty shopping plazas into flea markets... and what better way to spend the day browsing up and down the cluttered isles.    This time around I found a few things.   One of those things was a cool looking lamp with a amber crackled glass light with a gold base.   I spotted it nestled inside a vintage bookshelf, the amber glow caught my eye.   The price was good, I don't like to pay too much for items that have been previously owned, this item looked nice and already had imagined where I would place it.    Upon returning home that was first thing to do, was to plug in that lamp... but first get a dusting cloth and remove the "golden dust" from the top of the antique table.    I couldn't wait to see this lamp in all its splendor.    Turned on the switch at the gold base.... and... and.... nothing!    My beautiful find was now a big disappointment.     Hubby suggested that maybe it was plugged in wrong...  maybe that outlet was bad... how could that be, I replied.   All this time,  the outlets worked just fine.   The other antique lamp worked, and so did my plug in warmer.   After careful inspection, with it unplugged,  hubby said, this lamp must have been burning for quite sometime in the store, with a 60 watt bulb.   Looking into the globe we could tell the bulb had burned itself out, and "cooked" the base it was setting it.    What a let down.   Should we take the durn thing back to the store?   I was now just a bit upset.   He suggested that flea markets tend to sell items that either work or may not work, and most places sell items "as is"...  its the customer that takes the chance.    Okay.   So, the answer to this is.... find the replacement parts and fix it.  It will probably cost me almost as much as I paid for the lamp to get it fixed, but in the end it will be worth it.     What is the moral of this story?   Hmmm...  Lesson learned.  Never to shop flea markets again.  Nah...  Flea markets offer all kinds of things... special finds, unique antiques...  just about anything the heart desires.   So we will go back to these wonderful stores again.    The thing I think of is why not make over the lamp... its better to do that... than to throw it away.   I think its called "upcycle".   :)    

On another note, I love vintage books... some to keep and some to alter and make into junk journals.    My newest find is from circa 1915,   New Business Speller by Chas M. Miller (formerly President Board of education - Mt. Vernon, N.Y. )   The book itself is in very good condition, all the pages are intact, no tears or stains.   It was on sale for: $4.00.

Here is a sample:      

Just wanted to share my flea market find.    My hubby wanted to say thank you for all the well wishes!  

Have a good day,  Hugz, Mary


  1. Mary thank you very much for the update. I was very concerned as it sound pretty awful what he has gone through and it is obviously a worry to you.

    I hope his finger heals well. I cannot imagine losing the tip of your finger but if it can heal on it's own then it sounds like he has been very lucky.

    Sorry to hear about your lamp. Buying second had electrical items from these places is always a bit risky. It is a shame you were unable to plug it in the store and see if it worked first. Hey ho, lesson learned and all that.....

    Best wishes to your hubby and big hugs to you both.

    Love Mandy xxx

  2. Thanks for the update and glad you're both on the mend! Caregivers can get very stressed from handling details, driving, sleeping odd hours to meet spousal needs and/or ER waiting, etc. It's good that you both took time to start the healing and recovery process. I look forward to the April challenge being released soon. --Becca/DT member

  3. Hope everything goes according to wish with your husband's fingers. And Dreft is good stuff, used on my husband's fingers, won't give details he's a carpenter.
    O the flea market that is so much fun to go to that miss a lot in the pandemic time.
    Pity about the lamp, big win with the books. Take care.

  4. The lamp was in good working order when we purchased it. So, there was no second guessing on that. :)

    Thank you for all the comments ladies. :)

    Mary (Admin)

  5. Glad to hear that your hubby is on the mend and that you are feeling less stressed. Take the time to look after both of you.
    I look forward to seeing the new challenge when you are feeling up to it (don't rush).

  6. So glad to hear that your hubby is on the mend... and your spirits are brightening, too! Please post a photo of the lamp after it's repairs. Will be fun to see it restored and doing what it was meant to do... SHINE! Take care and we look forward to seeing your next challenge whenever you feel up for it!
    Kathy A from myasperations

  7. Thank you everyone for the kind comments! They are much appreciated. My hubby wanted to say thank you too! He is getting in the groove to work again, but no heavy lifting yet. He works in the retail business, so you never know when a customer might need some help with a large task.

    Mary & Mark ♥


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