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Looking Forward

Hello everyone!   I've been spending the wee hours of the morning doing a bit of online shopping.  I don't usually get out much to go to the local craft stores...probably will go around or just before the Christmas season to see what they have to offer.   Anyway.. before I get too carried away... the store I tried this time around is   A friend of mine told me of the beautiful lace they have to I couldn't resist. ;)    And speaking of lace.... I have a stash of my own stuff... that I can never seem to find when I'm crafting.   So, I am trying to do my best to get a little more organized.  Wow what a job! ;)     Here's what I've done so far with the ribbons for easier access -  Just put those all in one tote.   And this is what's left to go through.    This will take some time...but it will be worth it. We are looking forward to our upcoming August 15th Challenge - Are you