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Just a gentle reminder

Hello crafty friends, Just a gentle reminder, if you have won one of our challenges, please remember to "grab" one of our winners badges.    Our next Challenge is coming up pretty fast!  I hope that you will be a part of this.  Get your cards ready to go, it's Anything Goes, to find what we do accept just look at the Rules Page.    Exciting events are coming soon to Createful Heart Digis & Design Challenge Blog, you won't want to miss!!   Have a wonderful crafty-filled day!! Mary 

Rules for Challenges

Please read our rules concerning images having to do with Halloween.   You will find our rules on this Page .   Thank you! Just to highlight what it says: You may use any digital artist;  however,  we do reserve the right to remove projects we feel is inappropriate for this challenge blog. No “dark” images, such as skull and crossbones, gothic, demons, and please no "cute" type of ghosts, witches, jack-o-lanterns, costumes, anything that would be for Halloween isn't allowed.  We are a family and child friendly blog. Please respect this. 


Our very FIRST BLOG CHALLENGE is just hours away! It begins on August 15th, 8 a.m. (EDT) and will end the following month of September 14th at Midnight (EDT). You must become a follower of this blog to enter. Our theme is ANYTHING GOES. I hope you will join us! Blessings from the Createful Heart Digis & Design Team!

Looking Forward

Hello everyone!   I've been spending the wee hours of the morning doing a bit of online shopping.  I don't usually get out much to go to the local craft stores...probably will go around or just before the Christmas season to see what they have to offer.   Anyway.. before I get too carried away... the store I tried this time around is   A friend of mine told me of the beautiful lace they have to I couldn't resist. ;)    And speaking of lace.... I have a stash of my own stuff... that I can never seem to find when I'm crafting.   So, I am trying to do my best to get a little more organized.  Wow what a job! ;)     Here's what I've done so far with the ribbons for easier access -  Just put those all in one tote.   And this is what's left to go through.    This will take some time...but it will be worth it. We are looking forward to our upcoming August 15th Challenge - Are you

**August 15th, BIG Challenge!!

We are so looking forward to the BIG Challenge coming up on August 15th,  this will be for a month.   We would love to have you join in the fun!!   In order to be considered for this challenge you must first become a Follower of this blog!   Please check out the Rules  .   Again, we'd love for all our followers of Createful Heart Digis & Design to enter our Challenge!!! Have a blessed day, Mary


We have a challenge going on over at my facebook page! I'm offering a free digi of the Dragon Fly Hi, to use for this challenge.  Go to my FB page and follow and enter- we will see you over there!! Our challenge ends on July 21st!! Mary ♥


Hello to all,  Just as a reminder for all that would like to enter the upcoming challenges, you must be a follower of this blog. For all the Rules and Guidelines concerning our challenges please go to the page Tab at the top.   Also, for those that live outside of the U.S. it may be rather difficult to figure out the time in which to turn in your entries.   I have included a digital clock to show my time zone, which is Eastern Standard Time.   To find it, scroll all the way down to the bottom.     Our design team here at Createful Heart Digis & Design look forward to having you and your friends join in the challenges!      Thank you! Mary ** When checking out the clock, click on it and it will bring up a time converter... that is awesome...wasn't aware that this was included.**

Another change! :)

We are now a Challenge Blog - Woot! Woot!    We have a Mini Challenge going on over at my Facebook group, we hope you'll come to check it out!   There is the address.   Here's the design we are giving out as a Freebie. You must Join in with the Facebook group in order to get the free image.   And we'd love to have you participate in the Challenge, the dates are:  July 8th - July 21st.    Mary :)

We've got a new name

I would like to let all my followers and visitors know that I've decided to change the name of my blog to:  Createful Heart Digis & Design.    I would also like to add that I now have a Facebook group, where you can share all of the creations made with Createful Heart Digital images and stamps.  You'll find the link here - We would love to have you join in with us!   ♥ ♥ Mary ♥

New Digital image "Aubriella holding roses"

Createful Heart Digis Shop Now Aubriella Holding Roses is my newest digital image/stamp available now at my Etsy store.   The link is provided below the image.  ♥    This is a colored in sample using prisma pencils. This image was removed.  But if you would like to purchase this digital please go to: Enjoy Creating! Mary ♥

Encouragement from the Heart

From my heart to yours... Psalms 29:11- "The Lord will give strength unto his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace."

June is about here... and something just for you

I am posting again after a long absence.   Since the other post was a bit gruff sounding, as if I was totally fed up with blogger....and I was at the time, and still am to a certain degree.    Before all the happenings around our house, I was in the process of getting everything changed over... but at this moment... I feel that I'm in a holding pattern so to speak.  Which simply means that I will wait until I'm fully sure that I will be making that trek to a new "blog home".    I just want my followers and visitors to know that I did not jump ship.  I would not do that.... I would let you know should the ship be sinking... and currently the ship is sailing just fine.    This next paragraph is totally off the subject... just didn't want the reader to become confused.**   To make a clearer statement... After we returned from a very relaxing trip we came home to find that our washing machine decided to fail, turning my entire load of laundry into a greasy speckl

New additions

Here's an example of a designed card using one of the new images. We appreciate you, our visitors. ♥ Have a wonderful day.

Winners List for March Madness Giveaway!

The Winners for the March Madness Give-Away are: Darcy S. Jeanie E. Laurian M. Chris C. Thank you for playing in my give-away!   A happy dance is in order!!!  :) For directions and information on how to claim your prizes please see Outlawz! Thanks so much! ♥Mary♥

Victorian Lady *Update*

I think this turned out pretty well... had to think what would work for this Victorian lady.   This time I cut the image out.   Colored in with Prisma watercolor pencils.   Added a pink and teal flower (that I made).    It would have taken me a month to look through my entire lace and ribbon collection.. so I settled on this white ribbon with lace.   Let me know what you think.   Honestly, I feel that I do a better job with creating drawings and digital artworks.   Sometimes I don't feel that I do a very good job in creating pretty cards.  But at least I do try.   I'll give myself a pat on the back. :) Here's the picture:    And here's another angle to see the face more clearly.  ta-da! Now, I didn't realize how small the printing of the picture would be so... it took some careful attention to detail to make sure I colored in the eyes just right.   And still, it looks like I could have done just a tad bit better.    Well anyway... these are just samples of

What a processor can do....

When the old computer decided to kick the bucket... hubby thought I could possibly have fun creating with the processor.  Hmmm...  so, I just happened to have just the right size block for it.    And this is what a processor creates.... Lots of tiny background dots. 😃

Random March Art ♥

Huh something missing.  The page you were looking for isn't here.  Please go to my store: Thank you!   

Shop now - Receive 10% later!

Right now, when you make a purchase from my Createful Heart Digis  store , you'll receive a Coupon in your email good for 10% off of a future purchase ... This offer is valid from 2/28 - 4/30/2017.    It's just a little something we wanted to do for all of my followers and visitors of this blog!!    I hope that you'll take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!!  ♥ Mary ♥ * New digital images added to the shop*

Outlawz Color Challenge February 28th

Outlawz Color Challenge February 28th Hello!  Today starts another week of Color Challenges over at  The Outlawz  !! The color scheme this week  is to work with these delicate colors as shown below. The Twist is:  to make it Anniversary, Wedding, Congratulations on wedding. I decided to make a Congratulations Card with a digital stamp - Old Fashioned Rose- (Created by Me)   The embossing folder is from Anna Griffin called - Rosa-   The sentiment folder is from Darice . And embellished using clear gems. We invite everyone to come over to join in the fun at the Outlawz!!! Have a great day!    Mary ~ Createful Heart Cards & Digital Stamps

New images added

Hello to everyone,  I have added new images to our Etsy Shop.   One of those being, new friends of Hettie Hedgehog!   I will be making a card to show my newest addition.    This is Harvey Hedgehog & Bradford Bee ♥    I think this has got to be my favorite so far.  If you like this design, its in the shop now!  *Of course, this card is just an example*                                Thanks for "popping in" ♥  Mary ♥

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! We are having a sale-a-bration! I hope you'll take advantage of this savings. ♥ Offer ends February 28th, 2017. It's our way of introducing our shop to the Etsy Community. And to all my blogging friends and followers. ♥♥ Look up to the right hand corner of this blog to see a nice selection of images! ♥♥ Mary

Outlawz Color Challenge Jan. 31st

Hello!  Today starts another week of Color Challenges over at  The Outlawz  !! The color scheme this week is ~ Turquoise, Black, and Gold The Twist is:  Make It Masculine ~ The photo inspiration is shown below!   I came up with a Sailboat image. And here's my card with colors chosen for this challenge.  :) The Sailboat is colored in using Prisma watercolor pencils.  Since this is a masculine card, I didn't want to add any bling.  :)   Anyway, I like how it turned out!       We look forward to seeing what designs you come up with!  See you all over at the Outlawz!!!   Have a great day!    Mary ~ Createful Heart Cards & Digital Stamps

Hettie Hedgehog posting for Mary....♥

(while Mary dozes off to sleep)...I'll be posting with this update... I've got good news!  In the coming days ahead, my friend Millie Mouse and I will be hanging out in our new home...  Createful Heart Digis ... and because we got to know some of you... we can't wait for you all to come by and see us.   But first, like any new store... it does take time...from what we've been told... so as you're are reading this so quietly.  We don't want to wake up you know who...  Good day to you. zzzzzz Hettie Hedgehog ♥

Carley on the beach card

Good Morning, yes, its getting to be habit with me to stay up extremely late.   The creative side of my brain starts kicking in around midnight...don't ya know!  :)    Well, here as promised... a card with my newest digital image, Carley on the beach.   Which you'll find, just click on the link..  Createful Heart Digis   at our Etsy store.     I always use prisma watercolor pencils.  And this time I used a blending water brush to help with the tinting of the water that surrounds the beach. I just love how this image turned out.  Carley is my favorite, with the Sunny Day Swing following in a close second!   Thanks for visiting... and if you like, leave a comment! ♥ Mary ♥

Hello and Howdie!

Hello, to all my fellow followers and visitors. ♥ I'm still here.   Yes, I am.   I have been "nursing" my leg due to injuring it about a week ago.  Ugh.    About all I could do was keep it elevated, keep the heating pad going.    I'm not really sure how it happened... all I know is that my muscles had a "twisted" feeling.     Thank the Lord, it's finally on the mend.   Now, my lower back is feeling the pinch.    And this is bad because, I sit at my desk quite often, either working on my laptop or drawing.     This evening, I've been drawing....   I'm currently working on something in the background {so to speak} that I'll be able to share with you all, at another time.  Until then,  have a good morning... can't really say evening... as I have stayed up rather late again tonight... ♥  {I mean, morning!}  LOL Mary♥

Rose Serenade

"Rose Serenade" Happy Friday! Here's my digital stamp.   Hope you'll want to use it for Valentines Day cards or just send it to someone special. Mary ♥ * I plan to make a card using this image, it will be posted later. :) Here is the finished card. :) I wanted a card for my Mother. "Just Because" Originally thought it could be used for a Valentines Day occasion.. but whatever the reason its nice just to let them know you care. ♥ Materials used: Base card stock is peach Also a medium green Pastel peach was used for the front. Sizzix folder  The rose was colored in using Prisma water color in carmine red. The leaves and stems were a combo of greens, tan, brown. Butterfly cut-out  Tombow glue & glue dots Folder was lightly touched with chalks.

Cat's at Play

Good Morning!    I wanted to create something for those of you that like cats.  They are such playful creatures... as you will see in this image that I have for you.     "Mitzy & Gracie" Here's the card I made.   I wasn't quite sure what color the curtains should be but it really doesn't matter... as this is just an example.  I have used prisma pencils. Cream, red, grey card stock. We have a cat, he's 15 years of age...raised him from just a tot, at the age of 6-1/2 weeks.  Fed the little fuzzy thing with an eye dropper.   He was such a cutie pie. We named him, Mudpie. :) As long as my husband and I have been married, we've not ever had 2 cats together.    We've had just a cat.  I was raised up around kitties.   And used to have such fun watching them at play!   I still remember this... and wanted to capture some of those memories.♥ Thanks for dropping in... Have a good day! ♥ Mary Here's Mudpie.

Best Friends ♥

Here's my newest image "Best Friends".   I will be creating a card using this image as an example.      Hettie Hedgehog & Millie  This is just an example. Added a bit of lace and flower. ♥♥ Mary


Hello! to all my followers and visitors, I have an Etsy Shop: Thank you,   Mary