Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Butterfly Garden Card

Good Morning!    I decided to stay up a little while longer to finish up working on a card.    I couldn't decide, at first, what colors I wanted to use... decisions - decisions!    So I decided on a color I don't normally gravitate to... purple... or in this case a soft violet with a deeper purple added as a "pathway" for the butterflies.     I just happened to have a delicate flowered paper to give a garden feel.     I really like the peaceful feeling this design seems to have.      I mainly wanted the butterflies to be white with just a touch of pink to their wings. 

I'm not sure why this seems to look crooked...  it could be the way I held the camera.  ;)

This card chases away those very cold temperatures we've had lately.
And reminds us all of warmer weather to come... I know,  it will be a while! 😃

Thanks so much for your visit.  ♥


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Holiday Cards ♥♥

Merry Christmas!

Here are two cards made with my Cricket Explore. 
My husband surprised me with this wonderful machine... and I absolutely love, love, love it!!!
I always wanted one... but didn't know for sure how often I would use it.
I thought these cards turned out nicely. 😊
And I love the fact that it makes coordinating envelopes.
These are the projects I've made so far.

Thanks for visiting...  Have a Happy New Year!

Materials used for Christmas card:
white card base
decorative green paper
red decorative paper
red card stock
red jewel gems
green jewel gems
tombow glue
tombow glue tape
medium green paper for envelope (not shown)
Materials used for Celebration card:
medium green card base
navy blue card stock
yellow cream card stock
medium blue paper for envelope (not shown)
Tombow glue tape
& Tombow glue

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