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Showing posts from November 27, 2016

Cute Hedgehog (DI)

Hettie the Hedgehog  was removed. I've been wanting to create a little hedgehog to put in my greeting cards and such... after many sketches this is the one that caught my eye.   Once I'm satisfied with the sketch... as I ink it in..  the image seems to take on a character all its own.  I love to take pictures of flowers and the little bugs that hide between the layers of the petals.   As you look into this flower you'll see a ladybug... looking back at Hettie.  I have enjoyed creating this image.   And I hope that you will find in your heart to place her on one of your cards also. Please do not remove my signature from the image.  I would love to hear from you! ♥ Mary

Tired Hound (DI)

Tired Hound was removed. We have a dog, she's a rescue from a shelter.  We named her Dollie.  Our dog is not lazy at all!  She is always full of energy...except for when she is sleeping. Dollie is a mix of  Blood Hound, Pointer, Black Lab, and Weimaraner. This digital stamp is an exaggeration of our dog after coming home from a long walk. Hope that you'll find many uses for this image! 🐕🐾 Mary ♥ Please do not remove my signature.   Thank you. 😊 DI = Digital Image

Pink & White Doilies

I used a green paper for the background just to show off the details of the doilies.   Just cut the doily out to use in your paper crafting.  ✂✄

For Scrapbooking

Patterns & Trims

Fun things to use for scrapbooking! Just download and clip out. 😃

Sewing Patterns for Scrapbooking

Seashells Under Glass

Nice way to display seashells. Materials used:  Glass Block, Silica Gel Crystals (in place of sand), small rocks, glass stones, shells and aquarium plant, burlap. This does not contain lights.