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Showing posts from October 9, 2016

Flowers to love

These are from my flower garden.  Picture taken in the Spring. Its rather hard to believe that time has flown by so quickly!   Here we did our plantings of vegetables and flower seeds, and worked hard to reduce the weed population... Ha what a job that was!  ;) I always elect myself to get the weeding done around here.  Round-Up was a great help.   And now, by gollies its nearly time to pull out the old rake and wait for the leaves to start falling or blowing in our yard.    Or if you're like the neighbors we have around here... they would rather burn leaves and sticks, and what the hey...why not burn trash too.   Such a lovely smell.   Thank you ever so much.   Yes, that was a hint of being sarcastic... Ha-ha.  I'm just being silly... and that's okay. *** For those of you that do like digital art works... I plan to get some of that done too.   I do have one that I need to ink in... and will get it up soon.   And again, thank you for being patient i

Hello :)

Hello to my fellow crafters.... its been a while.   Thought I would get in touch.   This site has been "drifting" out in cyber-space for too long!   It's going to go through some changes here n' there.  :)  But for the most part this site will stay intact. ;) Thanks so much for all the visitors..... I do so appreciate you coming by.....even though~ I have been MIBW (missing in blogger world).  Mary ♥